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Spectra ACP iridescent colours is inspired by themes from nature.  The surface is coated with a special high gloss paint, which provides a smooth and colourful feeling.  Interactions between light, material, reflection, diffraction and absorption are the secrets of colour effects in nature.  Spectra ACP shows fantastic decorative effects which work well in public arenas for interior or exterior decoration.

Spectra ACP Principle



Thickness: 3-6mm, commendation: 4mm
Width 10000-1575mm, commendation: 1220mm, 1250mm and 1500mm
Length: the maximum can be 5800mm, commendation: 2440mm, 3050mm, 4050mm


Colour Number Colour Gloss(*) Variable Colours
6040 Spectra Silver 60±5 Silver gray, Pink, Champagne
6041 Spectra Champagne 60±5 Grey, Green
6042 Spectra Red 60±5 Brown, Lavender
6043 Spectra Blue 60±5 Lavender, Copper-coloured


Optical: Accord with the optical elements, the Spectra ACP use the light’s reflection, diffraction, refraction and absorption.

Traditional Techniques: Pivot aluminum composite panel is composed of non-toxic and low density polyethylene core between two sheets of aluminum, with the technology of continuous compositing. The adhesive film keeps the colour well.

Coating Performance: Outdoor aluminum plastic composite panel is coated with fluorocarbon resin (PVDF) on the surface (Pearlescent mica PVDF >70%). The colour has two main systems, metal colour and non-metal colour. As for indoor aluminum plastic composite panel PE coating is up to the usage requirement.

Colour Arrangement: Spectra ACP are based on the same principle as natural colour effects. Pigmentation effects add new dimensions to Spectra ACP with their luster, depth and colour gradient.

Sensory Theme: Depending on the type of pigment and viewpoint, different, enchanting colour effects with highlights and iridescent colour gradients appear.

Design Exertion: The Spectra ACP has series of gloss and shape to meet the designers requirements in order to achieve desired results.

 Test Reports

Testing Item Standard Result
Unit Weight ASTM D792 T3mm=4.6kg/m2
Thermal Expansion ASTM D696 24-28
Thermal Deformation Temperature ASTM D648 115oC
Thermal conduction ASTM 976 0.102kcal/m.hroC
Flexural rigidity ASTM C393 14.0*10Λ5
Impact resistance ASTM D732 1.640kgf
Adhesive strength >ASTM D903 0.77kg/mm
Flexural Elasticity ASTM D790 4032kg/mm2
Shear Resistance ASTM D732 2.7kgf/mm2
Fire Propagation ASTM E84 QUALIFIED
Wind-pressure resistance ASTM E330 PASSED
Properties against water ASTM E331 PASSED