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Use Alutile ®wherever aluminum composite panel is to be used in your next (or current) project.

Great Value - Alutile ® has the proven quality aspects of other major world leading manufacturers but at far less cost (in most cases, up to 30%) for Alutile ® Aluminium Composite Panel.

Quality - test results conducted by some of the world's leading laboratories show that Alutile ® matched other major brands and, in some areas exceeded them, in gaining a high quality (certificates are available for inspection).

Better Warranties - Alutile ® Australia provides a 10 (ten) year warranty (subject to terms and conditions). We also provide a 20 (twenty) year warranty on the paint finish of each panel (subject to terms and conditions)

Made to order colour's - Alutile ® offers a large range of colour's and we can have special colour's made to order (dependant on product size).

Size Range
1250 x 2500 1570 x 2500 1250 x 3200
1570 x 3200 1250 x 4000 1570 x 4000