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I-BOND - The Professional Supplier of Aluminum Composite Panel Technology Applications.
I-BOND is one company of a few select companies who have supplied high-quality aluminum composite panels for part of the construction of 2008 Beijing Olympics.  Other customers in China who use I-BOND include Sinopec, ICBC, Zheshang Band and the Singapore Subway System.

I-BOND has been utilized all around the world, used in particular for some European and American well-known architecture design groups and landmark buildings.  I-BOND has passed the test by the SGS and PBS professional testing institution, which has been certified as

Raw Materials

Basis aluminum: high-strength aluminum alloy
Plastic Core:  Non-Toxic low density polyethylene
Surface Coating: PVDF, nanometer paint.


Thickness: 3-6mm, recommend: 4mm
Width: 1000-1575mm, recommend: 1220mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
Length: maximum 5800mm, recommend: 2440mm, 3050mm, 4050mm


Architecture panel is composed of non toxic, low density polyethylene core between two sheets of high strength aluminum alloy, with technology of continuous compositing.  Because of its superior performance in rub-resist, acid-resist and alkali-resist, it is widely used as modern cladding for buildings and interior designs.


Superior weather-resistance and ultraviolet (UV) resistance, acid-resistance and alkali-resistance, suitable for all natural environments. It can be guaranteed 15 years without change of colour, in temperatures ranging from – 40 to 80.


The fully automatic coil coating process is computer controlled throughout all the stanges. Coating quality is tested according to the standards established by the ECCA. The long-term durability of coatings can be compared by measuring:

  • Color Change
  • Gloss Retention
  • Chalking

The superiority of PIVOT Ultra-cote UV resistance lacquer systems (PVDF) is shown in the three graphs below.  The values indicated, are taken from tests conducted by the American Coil Coating Association (NCCA) on lacquered surfaces which were exposed to the extreme climatic conditions of South Florida for several years.


  • Economic: The ACP use high quality aluminum sheet and plastic core, it’s light to transport, saving project time.
  • Light Weight: No pollution, it is green building (decorative) material and can be easily processed and stored due to its light weight, excellent strength and flexibility.

Comparison of thickness and weight of panels with equal rigidity


  • Environment:  Superior aging resistance, no coating change, no pollution, anti-acid, and anti-alkali, solvent resistance
  • Colour: We can provide 50 kinds of colour for your choice. But any colour and size are available according to your need.
  • Strength: The ACP use high quality aluminum. The enhanced strength of ACP ensures curtain wall wind pressure resistance, prevention of leakage and the shock effect.
  • Surface smooth:  The fire-resist ACP provide superior and smooth surface, satisfying the modern building on the pursuit of high-perception. The ACP’s surface is much more smooth than aluminum sheet.