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Brief Introduction

Our fire-resist aluminum composite panel is made of fireproof plastic core with two layers of aluminum sheets. Because of the fireproof feature can reach Class B1 grade with the test of GB8624, hard to be fired. It is green material, as there are no harmful gas emissions during burning.

fire-01Structure & Specification

Fire-resist ACP safety degree is based on GB8624-1997. “Classification of Building Materials” Pivot fire-resistance ACP can be achieved Hard-burning Class B or No-combustion Class A.

The level and combustion properties of names.

Degree Item Degree Item
A Non-combustible B2 Combustible
B1 Hard-combustion B3 Combustible
Degree Material The Combustion performance indicators
Non-combustion Class A Material According GB/T8625 test, the average length of the remaining ≥ 35cm (including any residual specimen length >20cm) for each test and the average flue gas temperature peak ≤125o C, no specimen back burner the scene; According GB/8627 test, their smoke density levels (SDR) ≤ 15; According to GB/T14002 and GB/T14403 test, its calorific value ≤ 4.2 MJ/kg, and the specimen thermal emission per unit area ≤ 16.8 MJ/m2; toxic materials combustion flue gas of the entire non-lethal concentration of ≥ 25mg/L
Hard Combustion Class B1 Material According GB/T8626 test, its combustion properties should be met GB/T8626, and does not allow any dropping of combustion burn the filter paper; According GB/T8625 test, the average of each specimen remaining length ≥ 15 cm (including any residual specimen length >0cm), and the average peak temperature of gas ≤200oC in each test. According GB/T8627 test, their smoke density levels (SOR) ≤75



The outer aluminum sheet and inner fire-reist polyethylene makes the panel one for excellent performance. The fire-resist panel meet the GB8624 B1 standard fire retardant stratified, smokeless and emits no harmful gasses.

High Strength

The fire-reist ACP high quality aluminum with greatly enhanced strength, ensure the performance of wind-pressure resistance, shockproof, and anti impact.

Smooth Surface

The fire-resist ACP provide superior and smooth surface, satisfying the modern building with perfect appearance.

Easy Processing

ACP is easy to cut, slot, punch, bend into circular, rectangular and other shapes, also can be designed to various modeling according to your ideas.

Exertion Design

The fire-reist ACP has gloss and shape to meet the designers great originality achieve perfect results.