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ALPOLIC®/fr LT is composed of two skins of 0.3mm thick aluminum and the fire-retardant core. The effective sides are finished with polyester coating of Solid, Metallic, and such designs as Stone or Timber. The material is lightweight and rigid, and suitable for the use on interior walls, columns, ceilings and partitions interior in shops, offices and factories. Furthermore, this material is suitable for such light outdoor applications as soffits, awnings, parapets, signs and much more.


ALPOLIC®/fr LT is composed of a non-combustible mineral core with a small amount of low-density polyethylene sandwiched between two skins of 0.3 mm thick aluminum. The core, indispensable for fire safety of interior application, is gray in color, with a touch of carbon black for an aesthetically pleasing cut edge.

Panel dimensions

Thickness: 3mm
Standard width: 1220mm (914mm in Aluminum Hairline P)
Length: 2440mm (2438mm in Aluminum Hairline P)

Surface finish and color variation


ALPOLIC®/fr LT is available as a stock item in Reversible, Single, Stone and Timber finishes. All color types are polyester coating produced in our continuous coil coating line.